Our goals:

To provide opportunities for members to continue their education and practice within the local community here in Lane County.

To develop and sponsor an annual continuing education conference that takes place on the fourth Saturday of every February. 

To provide opportunities for fellowship and building relationships with other practitioners via meetings, social gatherings and educational activities.

Please join us!

LCNPA Board Members

Barb Hoefener, FNP - President

Dana O-Mary, FNP - Vice President

Becky McBride, FNP - Treasurer

Demetria Tennefoss, WHNP, AGPCNP - Secretary

Sarah Keating, FNP - CE Coordinator

Brendan Tennefoss, AGPCNP - Web Master

Members at large:

Bill Betts, FNP

Kat Chinn, FNP

Dawn Brown, FNP

Mary Alice Ernst, FNP

Kathy Faber, FNP

Diana Lamboy, FNP

LCNPA Officer Elections

LCNPA call for nominations for every two years. The time commitment varies and is usually no more than 8 to 10 hours in any given active month, but averages 3 to 4 hours. The active months are immediately after and prior to the annual February conference. No summer meetings scheduled.

This is a great place and venue for networking and involvement at the local, regional, and state level for ongoing education and policy for APRNs. Please consider nominating or expressing interest to participate in your LCNPA. We need your experience, skills, and talents to provide the high standard of continuing education at this annual conference.

**The President and Treasurer shall be elected on even years and will serve a two year term.

Duties of the President:

1. Preside at all meetings of the association, or ensure that the Vice President is available to do so.

2. Supervise the affairs of the association.

3. Personally represent the association on proper occasions and business contacts.

4. Assist all other officers of the association in their records, correspondence and other duties.

5. Vote only when necessary to break a tie.

Duties of the Treasurer:

1. Collect all monies due to the association.

2. Maintain association financial records and deliver reports as requested by the board.

3. Sign and issue checks for purchases, billings, and reimbursements.

4. In the absence of the treasurer, the president is authorized to sign and issue checks so long as a record of such is kept by the treasurer.

**The CE Coordinator shall be elected every year and will serve a two year term, thus having two members assist in the application process.

Duties of the CE Coordinator(s):

1. Complete application for ANCC accredited continuing education hours for the annual conference.

**The Web Master will be elected on odd years and serve a two year term.

Duties of the Web Master shall be:

1. Update or make changes to the LCNPA website. This includes, but is not limited to annual conference information, and posting of upcoming local events (given at least a 2 week notice). 

Duties of the Member at Large:

1. Up to 6 volunteer members

2. Assists in the overall operation and needs of the board, and may include speaker liaison, mid-year events.